Dois – ICQ Volume 2

Indie Comics Quarterly
Volume 2

Published July 31, 2014
94 pages
Cover Artist: Ben Riddlebarger
Editor: Crystal Ash

Jeri Weaver
Andy Scott
Bob Corby

First Place Winner:
Owen Heitmann – “Bedtime Story”

Runner Up:
Marta Tanrikulu – “The Confectioners”
with Marcus Muller




The Best Wife
David McAwesome

Third Eye
Jake Holmes

Vacant Houses
Crystal Ash

The Down Side
L.T. Thornton

The Confectioners
Marta Tanrikulu
Marcus Muller

Bedtime Story
Owen Heitmann

Patrick McEvoy
Rodolfo Buscaglia

Ball and Chain
Cristina Marin

Space Dicks
Travis Small
Mike Hilinsky

In the Trough of the Wave
Jason Hart
Caleb Orecchio

Arrow of Time
Emiliyan Valev
Stanimir Valev

Love Bump
Georgina Chadderton