Series Submission Guidelines

The Indie Comics Quarterly Anthology intends to publish up to four (4) miniseries at any given time.

A miniseries is any work in the comics medium which has multiple parts or chapters. Think of the old serial publications which used to appear in magazines or newspapers.

To qualify your miniseries must be between 4 and 12 chapters long. (12 chapters in a quarterly anthology means that you have three years of publication. 4 chapters = 1 year of publication).

Each chapter can be no longer than 35 pages in length. Pages must be 8.5×11 inches with a 1 inch trim all around the page.

At least half of your entire series must be complete and submitted along with a 300-600 word synopsis of where the story is going, and an outline for the remaining chapters. That means that if you have a 12 chapter story, you’ll need to submit 6 chapters. If you have a 4 chapter story, then you need to submit 2 chapters. The remaining chapters are due, one each quarter from the time of acceptance, through completion.


By submitting, you are granting Indie Comics Quarterly the right to publish your series in both bound book and ebook form as part of the quarterly anthology publication and sales. You retain all rights to your art and story. You can reprint your story in any publication you wish or collect them as a graphic novel for your own purposes.
Series Publication automatically puts your story in the running for Spectare Creative’s Indie Comic Award for best series during the year(s) it was published.


Our online form will only accept up to 25 files at a time.  When submitting, combine pages or submit your series in multiple submissions. Be sure to indicate that you are submitting a series. <SUBMIT HERE>