Past Contributors to Indie Comics Quarterly represent the wide variety of experience, styles, and narrative choices of writers and artists producing independent, alternative, and DIY comics.


Contributors to Date (in no particular order)

Anna Ferrer Alberti (Vol 1)

Tyler Spicknell (Vol 1)

Ben Clifford (Vol 1)

Crystal Ash (Vol 1, 2)

Regina Marchmont (Vol 1)

Mike Copper (Vol 1)

Laura Ellyn (Vol 1)

Dave Crane (Vol 1)

Michelle Macinsky (Vol 1)

James Griffin (Vol 1)

L.T. Thornton (Vol 1, 2)

Anna Jeavons (Vol 1)

Emiliyan and Stanimir Valev (Vol 1)

Owen Heitmann (Vol 1)

Patrick McEvoy (Vol 1)

Silva Lolle (Vol 1)



Volume Judges to Date (in no particular order)

Matthew Swift (Vol 1)

John Graham